User Interface Engineer

New York City
I build web applications that are fast, beautiful, and organized. With an emphasis on clear communication and sweating the details, I've had the privilege of playing key roles on great engineering teams that ship great products. I'm currently a Senior Frontend Engineer at Slack. Drop me a line, or say hello on Twitter 👋.


A communication platform that helps businesses engage with their customers right from their devices.


Improving search in the most popular communication app for work

GATKU Polespears

A custom eCommerce and CMS solution for the world's hottest polespear brand.


A 360° image rotation plugin for jQuery with over 500 stars on Github.

City Defense

A browser game built for fun to try out new ES2015 features.
I have been a part of web projects of all sizes, spanning all types of responsibilities. With experience in design, front & back-end development, and database management, I offer a broad skillset complimentary to any team and any sized project.